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What is the Best Whiteboard Animation Company?

What is the best Whiteboard Animation Company?


When looking for the best whiteboard animation company, there is a couple things you should take into account:


  • Do they offer various styles of animation art?
  • Are the animations quality and do they reflect your business in a professional way?
  • Are the videos humorous and do they grab your attention?
  • Did you learn or retain any information after watching the video?
  • Is the price range something that fits within your budget?
  • Do they convert?
  • Do they help internet marketing?


15% off Your First Whiteboard Animation


Weighing the pros and cons of different whiteboard animation companies will help to narrow down the choices and help you find the best whiteboard animation company.

Ydraw, being one of the leading whiteboard animation companies, offers a long list of animation art styles, working with many artists that previously worked for Disney and Pixar. You can choose whether you want a more Cartoon Network style animation, a Disney style animation,  etc.

These videos made by Ydraw are some of the highest quality whiteboard animations on the market today. Don’t take my word for it, do a little searching.

It is important that a marketing video for your business is humorous and professional at the same time. Ydraw implements different strategies with script writing and animation that allow their videos to stay professional while also adding a touch of funny.

Explainer Video Ydraw the Guardian from Ydraw on Vimeo.


Unlike other styles of marketing videos, Ydraw’s video scribing videos are extremely engaging and easy to learn from. They effortlessly connect the audience with the content, entertaining and teaching at the same time without them even knowing they are being taught.

The price range of Ydraw videos vary according to style, concept, and length. They customize every package depending on the business, the budget, By contacting me, I will offer you 15% off your first video with Ydraw!

YES, Ydraw’s whiteboard animation videos convert. That is why they work, that is why Ydraw is still in business, and that is what is so compelling about these videos, is that they actually work.

For more information on your customized whiteboard animation video, and 15% off your first video with Ydraw, contact Marketing Gypsy at 541-280-1991 or alecsy@ydraw.com

15% off Your First Whiteboard Animation


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Alecsy Christensen is an entrepreneur who wants to better the world through online marketing. Specializing in SEO and internet marketing, she has worked for many different companies to better their social media strategies, internet marketing strategies, adwords campaigns, blogging techniques, and video marketing techniques.



  • Russ Law

    Reply Reply January 14, 2013

    This is a very nice white board animation.
    I am making white board animations myself. You can see one here

  • topwhiteboard

    Reply Reply February 27, 2014

    i think it depends on budget ? the best company like yd*w ? well i admit it . the quality is absolutely perfect ! but maybe only big company can afford it ..

    • Alecsy

      Reply Reply March 10, 2014

      They have some very low-budget options, you should call their office and get more information! You would be surprised what kind of deal you can get!

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