What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is Search Engine Marketing?


Search engine marketing which is more commonly known as search engine optimization is the most sought after method of marketing all across the globe. Businesses, irrespective of their size and core expertise, products and services, are trying to make the best of this tactic.


At the core, search engine marketing is a simple concept. Most internet users would use a search engine to look for something, whether it is some piece of information, address of a restaurant nearby or a scholarly article. We often search news and images using search engines as well. These search engines show up results on various pages and depending on what is being searched there could be millions of pages from across the world showing up as results. Search engine marketing or search engine optimization is that exercise or method (almost always a collection of methods) which can attain a better search page ranking for a company’s website, blog, video, news or any article that it may be trying to promote.


Normally, there is only one way to appear on the first page of search engine results and that is to pay for sponsored ads or links that would put up the company’s products, services or just the website link either on top of the search results or somewhere on that page. These require money and more often than frequent, the financial investments are pretty substantial.


Search engine marketing tries to use several techniques to get a website or web page rank organically higher on the search results. It can often be a one or two prong approach or may be an all inclusive package which would create the website of a company, optimize the site onsite and off the site, create blogs, use keywords rich articles, promote the website on various forums, blogs and try to push in as much relevant content and information specific to the business as one can.


Search engine marketing, in simple words, is the method to gain more visibility online which would consequentially get more visitors to the company’s site and hence the likelihood of increased sales.

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