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Animation Video Company Ydraw Announces New Products

Animation Video Company

As many of you know Marketing Gypsy was one of the first companies to help Ydraw with their online marketing. We send our customers their to get their animation videos produced. There is nobody better when it comes to explainer videos. This year they have came out with a couple of new styles and I wanted to feature them here. Check them out!

Why do you want an animation video?

Ok guys many of you know that our attention spam is about 5 seconds. We are trigger happy when it comes to clicking and if it doesn’t capture our attention quickly then we are off to something else. Too much temptations for us to sit around and watch boring videos. Animation is a great way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. It is fun, unique and keeps the attention much longer then any other form of video.

2D animation videos

Although whiteboard videos still are the highest converting, a 2d animation video can be pretty popular. You will see that Ydraw created a 2D video that is rather engaging. They are a lot more work than you typical whiteboard video, but the results so far have been amazing. You can check out how they are using this 2D video to convert their audience by visiting this link

3D animation videos

They also have came out with a new 3D animation video. They are not cheap and will run you about $8000 per 30 seconds of video. This is actually a really good price for a 3D video. Some companies will charge $30,000 for a simple 3D animation video. Do not go and break the bank just yet because they are still in the middle of testing the results.

So there is a quick update on our latest video production side. We would be happy to help you with your animation video.





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