Advertising on Google Adwords

3.5 Tips for Beginners Advertising on Google Adwords

3.5 Tips for Beginners Advertising on Google Adwords

Advertising on Google adwords can be a complicated process that takes time to master. With these three tips and tools you can have a better understanding of where to begin when choosing your keywords, keyword types, and how to format your ads.


1. Use Google’s Keyword Tool:

Advertising on Google Adwords

Advertising on Google Adwords

Use Google’s Keyword tool to find relevant keywords to add to your search terms that you want to show up for. Be as specific as possible in choosing your keyword. Long-tailed keywords are generally better at converting more users searching for your product, as they are more niche to your business. Look for keywords that are low or medium in competition, although there might not be very many relevant ones. In the Adwords world, it is more common that the more relevant the keyword, the higher the competition.  (Which generally means the cost per keyword will go up).


2. Use the correct Keyword Match Types:

There are many different types of keyword match types, the one most familiar with people are “broad match keywords”. You can get as  specific as “exact matching keywords” and “phrase matching keywords”, which using these types of matches for keywords will get you better search results and weed out the irrelevant terms. This might be challenging to most people not familiar with this, but it very relevant to getting the results you want on Adwords.


3. Format your ads to Google’s Liking:

When formatting your ads on Google for the optimal results for advertising on Google Adwords, you always want to include your keyword and a call to action. Try to make your ad as relevant as possible to your business and what you are offering. If you offer discounts, include the discount in your text. Google has just recently announced that users are not allowed to write their phone number in the text (directing users to more fully rely on the “call extension” that can be added to your ads).


 3.5. When in Doubt, Google it!

Questions on whether or not to use a specific keyword, how much to spend on ads, what others have done with their ads, Google it! Use your competitors to compare your online presence with theirs. If they are doing well, see what you can do to be more like them! Use Google to your advantage!

For more information on helpful tips for advertising on Google Adwords and organically ranking on the search engines, email me at or call 801-753-8727.

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