The 3 Essential Business Networks You Should Be Using

3 Essential Business Networks You Should Be Using

3 Essential Business Networks You Should Be Using


There are plenty of business marketing networks online today, with every network telling you that they are the best for promoting business. Through analyzing the ranking systems used with and the results I have gotten with my own internet marketing strategies, I have highlighted the top 3 business networks every business should use.


MantaManta Logo


Manta is a great resource where you can register your company as well as ad employees, web information, locations, categories, etc. Make sure to use the right keywords, maybe do a little keyword research and look at competitors to see what they have added to their profiles. Because is one of the top business marketing networks, they can benefit your website greatly by helping it show up on search engines at a higher ranking through linking to their site.


You can also sign up for their daily business tips, which are simple and precise. These tips are great snacks for someone who is on the go and only has a few minutes to get a taste of new business trends for the day.


LinkedInLinkedIn Logo


Many people know that they can build a personal business profile and resume on LinkedIn, but it is surprising the amount of people that do not know the business page feature of LinkedIn. Along with a personal page, it is important to make a profile page for your business linking to your personal page. You can add your products and services, as well as hours, ways to contact you, etc.


LinkedIn is a great way to network all of your colleagues together, and like Manta, it is a great way to make your company more visible on Google because of the amount of traffic it gets.


FourSquareFoursquare Logo


FourSquare is mostly for citing the location of your business, but wait… if you do not have a location quite yet, there is no need to skip this business network. Use your home address or mailbox address as a primary location. Mostly used through mobile devices, FourSquare is a great way to share your company through mobile and be more accessible for local internet marketing.


This app is also integrated with many other social media and review apps, which makes it even more valuable of a source. You can add your company website URL, custom images, check-ins and tips, and many other features.


These three networks are the main sites you want to make sure your business is listed under. Although there may be many more that might be specific to your category of business, these are the broad and larger networks that are essential to online visibility of a company.


For more tips and tricks, subscribe to my blog or email me with questions regarding your startup or business, and how you can better your online visibility.


Thanks for reading, and congrats, give yourself a pat on the back, you just got a little bit smarter.


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  • KG

    Reply Reply December 11, 2012

    manta is the shiznit… I built a pretty good client list off of Manta’s list.

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